Subatomic Physics and Technologies (Subatech)

Head of Department, Ph: +332 5185 8479



The Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Associated Technologies is a mixed research  unit, UMR (6457),  located in the region Pays de la Loire, operated by the CNRS (IN2P3), the IMT Atlantique  and the University of Nantes.

Created in 1994, SUBATECH has become today a center of excellence for research and education in the fields of high-energy nuclear physics and radiochemistry, both in fundamental research and in applications to  major societal challenges of the 21st Century.

Our research focuses on three areas:

  1. The’Univers at high-energy
  2. Environmental footprint of nuclear energy; waste, material and society .
  3. Nuclear applications for health

Key figures 2015

113 national and international peer-reviewed magazine articles
  36 invitations to do presentations in international conferences
116 oral presentations in national and international conferences
    7 theses presented
    6 international conferences organised

Staff numers:
190 people including 130 permanent staff members
   7 research groups
   1 industrial chair
   1 excellent chair of th University of Nantes
   5 services of support and SMART

Turnover:  6.1m