Student life at IMT Atlantique

There is a range of quality housing options available to you on the IMT Atlantique campuses

 The Brest and Nantes campuses offer  restaurants which serve different types of dishes, including vegetarian food.  You can adapt your menu to your preferences.


At these catering facilities, a student meal costs:

  • 3.30 euros (Nantes campus) 
  • 3.65 euros (Brest campus).

Integration, sports and cultural events... the daily life of ITM Atlantique students sees academic courses complemented and enhanced by the many extracurricular activities on our Campuses!

Because we learn better when we feel good, ITM Atlantique provides the environment and the high quality sports facilities to get you and your future career on the move

At the ITM Atlantique campuses you will find libraries and resource centres. These spaces are suitable for both individual and group work 


New for 2018 :  back-to-school  for 2018/2019  -  student social security cover is changing

Important information to help you budget for your needs

Le personnel de l'École peut bénéficier d'un ensemble de prestations.

Les 3 campus de l’école sont accessibles par les transports en commun depuis la gare.

Equipements sportifs, Ressources documentaires, Amphis et autres espaces