Student Budget

On this page, you will find a list of the main expenses that need to be budgeted for a year of study.

Other elements will be detailed in the pages devoted to the various campuses: Brest, Nantes, Rennes.


Mandatory formalities Fees and Tuition Fees

For the year 2017-2018, tuition fees and fees will be for the training of general engineer, diploma Telecom Bretagne to:

  • 2600 € for European students
  • 4600 € for non-European students (except specific agreements or conventions)
  • Student Social Security

Enrolment in the social security system is compulsory and payment is made at the beginning of the school year along with tuition fees. The registration fee for 2017-2018 amounts to 217 €.

Other Expenses

  • Catering costs

Allow between 3 and 4€ for a meal if you eat at campus restaurants. This corresponds to about 220 € per month.

Add to this the costs of any breakfasts taken in the cafeteria; on average 2 euros.

  • Accommodation expenses

The 3 main campuses offer accommodation possibilities at the Student's House (MAISEL/MDE). Prices vary between 280 and 460 € depending on the type of room/studio.

Provide a deposit at the time of departure. Between 200 and 390 €, and possible administrative costs - about 75 €.

Housing subsidies may be granted by CAF. Students usually receive about 170 € per month.

Complementary Health Care
It supplements social security reimbursements by 30% to 40%. There are complements from 60 € at SMEBA and LMDE.

Membership in the Students' Association
About 50 euros per year. See details of associations in the associative life section.