Admission to IMT Atlantique technological university

Depending on your level of study and the course you are interested in, find out about the prerequisites and access methods.

Study Current qualification level Admission procedure

Master of Science in Engineering
"Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (FISE)

Scientific preparatory classes (CPGE) Admission in 1st year (last year BSc) by competitive entrance exam
"Concours commun Mines-Ponts"
Undergraduate degree Admission on application in 1st year (last year of BSc)
"Concours GEI-Univ"
Master Admission on application in 2nd year ( 1st year of Master)
"Concours GEI-Univ"
Bachelor or equivalent degree International recruitments (Master)

Engineer by Apprenticeship (FISA)

BUT / Scientific BTS / Undergraduate degree

Admission on application in 1st year ( BSc last year)
International Master's
Master of Science
Erasmus mundus

Bachelor or equivalent degree

Online application
Post-Master's degree

BAC+5 / BAC+4 with at least 3 years of professional experience

Admission on application

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Administrative Registration

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Student Budget

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Social Security and Insurance

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