Welcome to IMT Atlantique

Now that you've been admitted (congratulations!), you need to complete your registration. Below are the different steps for before your arrival and the beginning of classes (start of academic semester dates).

  1. Step 1: Confirm your decision (generally already done)
  2. Step 2: Registration process
  3. Step 3: Email and Access Card generation
  4. Step 4: Expected documents
  5. Step 5: The day you arrive on campus

Please read this document carefully before contacting the Admission Team. If you still need to contact us, you can email us at

We draw your attention to the passport photo (used for your badge) and the medical certificate which will allow you to participate in the course-related and extracurricular sports activities.
The validation of the internal rules and security rules are essential for us to validate your file.

Contact us

For any difficulty, you can:

Upon your arrival, you will have an appointment to check your file and finalize your registration.

Step 1: Confirm your decision

For foreign students, the international team has already provided your confirmation. If you're not sure, please send an email to


Step 2: Registration

You will need to use the user name and temporary password provided by IMT Atlantique to fill in the online registration form. In this form, you will have to:

  • Provide classic administrative information
  • Fill in information about your previous studies
  • Commit to respecting the Internal Regulations and especially Security rules.
  • Specify how the school may use your photos and personal information
  • If you have not booked an accommodation yet and would like to live on campus, please check our student's residence information and start the booking process

Please note:
This information can be provided in several steps. You may follow the guide provided here, which provides video describing how to fill in your information. You do not need to have all the information to start this process. However:

  • The sooner you fill in your information, the sooner we can prepare your arrival.
  • The more precise your file is, the smoother your arrival at IMT Atlantique will be.

There is also an FAQ here. If you have any questions, please contact

Step 3: Email and Access Card ("Badge")

Depending on the timing, you will receive a first to your personal email address, asking you to read and sign the IT charter.

Once you've signed the IT charter, you'll receive a second e-mail containing your Vademecum. Follow the procedure indicated in this e-mail to start :

  • Your computer account: obviously necessary to access your IMT Atlantique email and the whole array of digital services (wifi, class schedule on PASS, Intranet, Moodle, collaborative tools, documentation, etc.)
  • Your Access Card ("Badge"): This card, with your name and photo, allows you to get into the different campus buildings, buy meals at the canteen and café, etc. You will get it when you arrive at IMT Atlantique.
  • Your registration attestation, if needed.

For all this to happen, you need to follow the instructions given in the email precisely. You will need to:

  • Validate the IT charter of IMT Atlantique
  • Upload an identification photo (Smiling is allowed :-) )

Please note:

  • Once your computer account has been created, you will receive an email on your personal email address. This email contains your user name and password for IMT Atlantique.
  • If you previously received a user name and password from IMT Atlantique, they will no longer be usable.
  • Communication with IMT Atlantique will mostly use your personal email address until you arrive on campus. However, you should regularly check your mailbox using this link:
  • To Access to IMT Atlantique services (emailregistration websiteintranetMoodle, etc.), you will have to use your new user name and password.

Step 4: Uploading documents

Once you will get your permanent IMT Atlantique user name and new password, you can access the website to upload different administrative documents.

All students must submit:

  • Proof of third-party insurance (« Assurance responsabilité civile »)
  • Copy of scholarship application or decision

Students who were studying in France before IMT Atlantique must also submit:

  • CVEC attestation

Foreign students must submit:

  • A French translation of your birth certificate.

Step 5: The day you arrive on campus

Your start date can be found here : back-to-school calendar.

If you arrive a few days early, we will make your access card available at the residence hall welcome desk ("accueil").  

When you arrive at IMT Atlantique, you need to already have the following:

  • a laptop computer
  • a webcam (inside the computer or attached)
  • headphones with a microphone

For your working comfort, we suggest the following setup:

  • 15" screen
  • CPU : icore5
  • 8go RAM
  • SSD 250go
  • Ethernet +Wifi AC

Only this setup guarantees that you will be able to carry out practical work, projects, etc. As Apple is very specific, we cannot guarantee optimal conditions under this operating system.

When you arrive, our teams will work with you to make sure your administrative situation and necessary documentation are all sorted.

Foreign students: Please make sure you have subscribed an insurance policy which covers you until you register to the French Social Security system.