"Sécurité Sociale" and Health Insurance

Social Security Cover

"La Sécurité Sociale", or Social Security, is the name commonly used to refer to the national health service in France.

Signing up for Social Security is free and mandatory for all students in France, whether French or international.  Here's everything you need to know to go through the process.

The Campus Life Contribution (CVEC)


Since the start of the 2018 academic year, students in classical engineering training or apprenticeship training are required to pay the new " campus life contribution". This charge has been introduced in order to  support student orientation activities as well as their social, cultural, health and sports services on campus.

The fee for 2022-2023 is €95. All students must provide proof of payment of this fee  before their enrollment at IMT Atlantique.

You will be able to pay (payment or exemption) from July 1st at:  cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr/

To save time, you can now create your account at: messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr.

For more information, consult the digital portal of student life  and services