Apprenticeship engineer, Software Engineering Specialisation


The Software Engineering Apprenticeship (FIL) was founded in 2011 by IMT Atlantique in partnership with the the ITII (Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques) in Pays de la Loire.

At the end of this 3-year training course, students achieve the title of IMT Atlantique Engineer, specialising in Software Engineering.

Students study for this course on the Nantes campus. Engineering students by apprenticeship sign a 3-year contract with an employer located in France.

The degree course is designed to train engineers capable of designing and developing large information systems and supporting their implementation, in the software and services field.

By the time they graduate, these engineers, who have had real-world experience throughout their training, work in research and development, as technical consultants, or IT project managers in service companies, innovative SMEs or large industrial groups. This training offered by IMT Atlantique on the Nantes campus stems from expertise in computer science and social and management sciences. The course is fortunate to work with numerous academic and industrial partners.

First year correspond to a last year of Bachelor followed by 2 years of Master.

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