Doctoral program: nearly 300 PhD students enrolled at IMT Atlantique

Thanks to its ranking in the digital, energy, and environment sectors, IMT Atlantique is able to offer its PhD students a rich intercultural context and a highly attractive scientific working environment.

IMT Atlantique covers nearly 30 doctoral specialities within the five doctoral schools in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions with which it is co-accredited.

IMT Atlantique offers these thesis students quality scientific supervision (290 lecturers of whom over 110 are qualified to direct research) as well as personalised support.


IMT ATLANTIQUE, your thesis in context:

  • 35% of doctoral students enrol under a doctoral contract
  • 15% enrol under a CIFRE contract (Industrial Research Training Convention)
  • 15% enrol under an international cotutelle
  • 60% foreign students representing 39 nationalities
  • 28% women


Since 2008, IMT ATLANTIQUE has been authorised to deliver the PhD degree in the 29 specializations covered by the accreditation of its five inter-regional doctoral schools as follows:

1. MathSTIC: Mathematics and Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies

  • Disciplinary fields: Mathematics and their interactions; Information and communication science and technology

2. SPI: Engineering Sciences

  • Disciplinary fields: Engineering Sciences

3. 3M: Matter, Molecules and Materials

  • Disciplinary fields: Physics; Chemistry

4. SML: Marine and Coastal Sciences

  • Disciplinary fields: Earth and Universe Sciences, Space

 5. EDGE: Economics and Management Sciences

  • Disciplinary fields: Social Sciences


By studying at IMT Atlantique, doctoral students can:

  • obtain, in addition to the PhD, a European label if at least one semester is spent in another EC country.
  • join the SPI (Sciences Pour l'Ingénieur) Doctoral School to obtain a double "erasmus mondus" European PhD through a programme known as EMJD SELECT Logo Select+.jpg



Doctoral students are assisted throughout their three years of study. They benefit from quality supervision by internationally recognised lecturers and have access to a range of training opportunities to assist them throughout the duration of their thesis.

If you would like to do a PhD at IMT Atlantique, and you have a Master's degree, an engineering degree, or equivalent studies done abroad, please visit the "PhD Program/Research and Innovation" page.