FAQ - Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Getting started

How do you assign students to each campus?

At admission time, the student makes  a choice of a campus (Brest or Nantes) on which to do his 1st year studies,(known as the common core).His campus assignment is only for this first year. In 2nd and 3rd years, the student will opt for the campus associated with the specialisations that he has chosen with each specialisation offered on a single campus,i.e., Brest, Nantes or Rennes.

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Will I get the campus of my choice?

In the first year,(upon receipt of enrolment confirmation from those admitted) students are assigned to the Brest and Nantes campuses, with the highest ranked students being the most certain to get the campus of their choice. However, the university will also ensure that the distribution of entrants is balanced between the two campuses.

For more information : admission@imt-atlantique.fr

How is the introductory period organized?

Orientation and registration is finalised on the assigned campus (i.e., Brest or Nantes).

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What are the back-to-school dates?

Consult the calendar of start dates to find the start dates for each course.

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I am a disabled person, are the campuses accessible?

IMT Atlantique is committed to respecting the French Charter of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles on Disability, aimed at promoting access to Grandes Ecoles for students with disabilities and providing them with the  conditions for a successful stay in the college . All campuses can accommodate people with reduced mobility.


What are the different specializations (TAFs) offered?

 The specializations are a part of the new IMT Atlantique curriculum. Around twenty specializations offer students the opportunity to enrich their career by strengthening their skills in five different specific domains. Each belongs to one or two categories that refer to a major engineering sector :

  • Computers and networks
  • Automatics, electronics, robotics, embedded systems, telecommunications
  • Energy, nuclear energy, the environment
  • Industrial systems, organizations
  • Health

The student has the possibility to choose two specializations: one in 2nd  and one in 3rd year.

How many TAFs can I follow?

Except for specific courses (the double degree, for example), students follow two TAF specializations during their studies, one in 2nd year and one in 3rd year. For those who wish to develop expertise, some (only accessible in 3rd year) constitute "expert" reinforcement of the 2nd year TAF.

How do we choose them ?

Throughout the first year (and the following years also), a set of activities allows the student to build his professional project and thus to define his training project. In January, sessions to discover different majors feed this process. The choice majors for further study in 2nd year, then 3rd year, is made in coherence with the professional project , the skills already developed, but also with the validation of  the credits. According to his professional project, the student chooses his topics  within the various fields proposed or, if he wishes it, reinforces an expertise in a precise fields.

Is there any guidance to help make the right choices?

A team of guidance , composed of members of several entities of the university, will help each students individually to define their professional project and will accompany them in its realisation

What does IMT Atlantique offer for different languages learning ?

The objective for each student is level C1 in English and B2 for the chosen LV2. However, learning other languages is possible once the objectives in English and LV2 are achieved. Language teaching is also an opportunity to develop students' intercultural skills.

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Student life

What is offered for the accommodations?

As soon as you know your campus of assignment you can reserve your accommodation there. All campuses are equipped with comfortable, user-friendly accommodation solutions that are conducive to individual learning and development.

Are there any trips between campuses during the different years?

One of the objectives of our multi-campus university is to progressively develop the skills of working in geographically distributed teams. Apart from the month of regrouping in September of the tow first years  of the curriculum, which exclusively aim to develop a spirit of promotion, the assignment of students on a campus is annual. The geographical assignment of years 2 and 3 is organised according to the specialisation chosen by the students.

Some educational activities may, however, give rise to travel: this is the case, for example, of company visits planned during the first year. Other student-initiated events, such as sporting challenges, may also require occasional trips throughout the university year.

Is there a food service on the compuses?

Various food service options are available on the campuses for lunch and dinner: self-service, cafeteria, access to the university restaurant, all at student rates.

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Can I do sports during my training?

Physical, sports and artistic activities are an integral part of the engineering curriculum. Apart from training, a wide choice of sports activities are offered in leisure or clubs on each campus.

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Are there any special arrangements for elite athletes?

Training choices, both in terms of skills-based approaches and the development of autonomy, make it possible to envisage an  arrengement.  However, each case with its particularities will be studied beforehand.

What extra-curricular activities are on offer?

The extra-study life proposes a multitude of associative, cultural and festive activities managed by the studiants himself. Consulting the list of student associations and clubs.