Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" - Minimum nine months in the workplace: a real profesional experience

A minimum of nine months of in-company internships to make you an experienced engineer.  


During your engineering program, the opportunity to spend several months in a company or companies will be a considerable asset for the high-level engineer you are to become.  Through an approach combining flexibility with skills training, you will be offered a variety of opportunities throughout your course, suited to your career plans.


During the first year, you will have access to the business world.

Gradually, through company visits, conversations with qualified practising engineers, and then a one-month internship, you will become familiar with the working world.

At the end of the second year, two months of in-company immersion offer future engineers the opportunity to carry out a technical engineering, development or project management internship.
Depending on the career plan defined by the student, the duration of this second-year internship may be extended to four months in the case of a full engineering, research or entrepreneurial internship.

International experience is also possible, either during an internship, or through an academic semester abroad.


The third year is intended to facilitate a final-year internship of four to six months, depending on the student's needs.

This workplace immersion is in alignment with the specialisations studied. The internship site is chosen accordingly, to ensure the student gains as many skills as possible in the desired area.


 During your programme, a placement year is also possible.

Between the second and third year, you have the additional opportunity of carrying out a placement year in a company in France or abroad. This opportunity can be likened to a genuine first year of professional experience. Whether academic, professional or personal, if this period is in keeping with your career plan and chosen specialisation, and if the predefined academic conditions are met, it may be validated as a second-year internship.


The teaching staff of IMT Atlantique are happy to make use of the university's partner network made up of dynamic companies, including small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations, and to assist each student with all the procedures involved in accessing the professional world.

Title Year Duration Period
Workplace immersion First year  (A1) students one month February
Objectives : Observe company organisation from the ground level
Applied Internship

Engineering internship
Second year (A2) students 2 months (1)

4 months
June to August

April to August
Objectives : Development, engineering, project management, research,entrepreneurship.Skills acquisition or development
Final Year internship Third Year (A3) students 4 months

6 months
April to July or June(2)

April to September or February to July (2)
Objectives : To draw on and put into practice knowledge, abilities and scientific, technical, managerial and social skills to solve complex problems of a strongly technological or organisational nature.


  1. If full academic semester 4 

  2. Depending on academic progress