Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" - Your first year (Last year of BSc)

Develop your general engineering skills and build your own personalised study programme

First year at IMT Atlantique


During your first year (Last year of BSc) at IMT Atlantique, you will develop a body of scientific knowledge and know-how and a variety of techniques that will help you develop into an engineer mastering a broad spectrum of disciplines. You will also begin to acquire cross-disciplinary skills, such as working in an intercultural environment, through collaborative projects, foreign language classes and extracurricular  activities.
This year correspond to a last year of Bachelor in Engineering.

Common core courses :  applied mathematics, electronics and sensors, information technology, mathematics, physics, human and social sciences, network systems

Your first year

This first year is where you adopt new working methods that are more in line with the professional world, and define your personal study programme (study abroad, choice of specialisation (TAF) for second and third year, introduction to the world of research, initiation to innovation).