Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Automatics and cyber-physical systems

Course director

Fabien Claveau

The Automatics and Cyber-Physical Systems theme is situatued in the field of systems and automatic engineering. IMT-Atlantique engineers will be able to understand and design complex dynamic systems whatever their nature (mechatronics, energy, biology, economics, etc.) or their application, through the study of dynamic behaviour. Cyber-physical systems are found everywhere, due to the increase in "embedded intelligence" in all sectors. They can be found in transport with the advent of autonomous vehicles (aeronautics, automobile, and rail), in industrial production, and increasingly in the energy and health sectors (such as smart-grids or medical robotics).
In concrete terms, this major will provide our engineers with R&D skills for designing, modelling and controlling complex systems from A to Z.

Automatics and Cyber-Physical Systems majors will become engineers for the future.

Automatics and cyber-physical systems

Professional opportunities

  • R&D (intelligent) transport engineer: autonomous vehicles, sustainable transportation (road, aeronautics, naval, etc.)
  • systems engineer / mechatronics engineer: modeling, analysis, and scaling of mechatronic systems
  • consultant in automation, control / command: transport or energy sectors
  • project manager: system / product design

Target sectors

  • automotive
  • aeronautics, aerospace and defence
  • railway
  • energy
  • health sector
  • engineering and consulting companies

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