Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Transmission systems, architectures and networks

Course director

Sébastien Houcke


Michel Morvan

In an increasingly connected world, the Transmission systems, architectures and networks theme provides the fundamental and essential skills for the correct use and design of the transmission components of all our communication systems and objects. It provides tools for understanding, adapting and inventing technological solutions to current and future communication problems. It leads on to fields of application such as the Internet of Things, telecommunications with cellular radio networks and fibre optic networks, robotics, embedded systems, transport systems, telemetry systems and many others. It combines the disciplines of signal and information processing with communications in aspects of hardware, software and algorithmics.

Communication systems engineering

Opportunities and possible careers

Access to a wide range of professions with different engineering profiles:

  • integration engineer,
  • design and development engineer,
  • telecoms systems architect,
  • telecoms network architect,
  • test and validation engineer,
  • pre-sales engineer,
  • technical business engineer,
  • research and development engineer,
  • standards engineer,
  • patent engineer

Target companies

  • research and development centres
  • network operators
  • manufacturers
  • telecoms equipment manufacturers and assemblers
  • high added-value SMEs or VSEs
  • government agencies
  • patent firms, European Patent Office, National Institute of Industrial Property
  • consulting firms, design offices


Brest Campus