Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Digital platforms: technologies and markets

Course director

Patrick Maillé


Annie Blandin

The information society has been disrupted over the past decade or so by the emergence of platforms allowing people or processes to interact with a variety of ecosystems. Tourism, transport, commerce and entertainment are directly affected by this change.
The concept of platforms can be found both in services and technologies with the development of cloud computing.
A digital platform connects different parties in specific markets, based on data exchange and processing infrastructures. These two types of platforms are therefore complementary, with service platforms based on technological platforms.

The Digital Platforms major "Technologies and Markets"  trains engineers to master both infrastructure technologies (networks, virtualization, "cloud computing") and their associated economic and legal aspects. It provides the technical skills necessary to deploy and/or manage platforms, as well as the methods and tools to implement business models in a regulated framework. Engineers who have followed this theme will thus be able to be actors of the major changes to come in the digital ecosystem.

Digital platforms: technologies and markets

Opportunities and possible trades

  • Cloud development engineer,
  • Architect of virtualization solutions,
  • Design and commercial development engineer,
  • Pre-sales engineer,
  • Research engineer,
  • Business engineer,
  • Consultant,
  • Information system supervisor,
  • Project manager in the aforementioned areas.

Target companies

  • Telephone operators,
  • Hosting providers ( web services,...),
  • Digital service companies,
  • Large companies with a large in-house IT department,
  • Service platforms,
  • Public and private institutions (regulators, agencies, administration).

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