Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Software engineering and innovation

Course director

Hélène Coullon

The Software Engineering and Innovation theme aims to train versatile developers, combining broad technical expertise and a detailed understanding of interactions with project managers and users. This course will help to train agents of change in the digital transition, marked by a strong coupling between changing technical aspects and business innovations.

Versatile developers have many skills:

  • Polyglot, mastering several programming languages (Haskell, scala, Java, C++...)
  • Full Stack, designing software architectures covering complete technological stacks: World Wide web, Cloud Computing, Data Science, DevOps
  • Agile, facilitating interactions between developers and users.


With the essential technical and socio-organisational skills, the versatile developer becomes a central player in digital innovation. This profile is therefore highly in demand, especially in emerging startups.

 Opportunities and possible careers:

  • IT consulting and services,
  • software publishing.

Target companies:

Target companies are varied and can be characterized by the share of developers in their workforce (an indicative average, disparities existing according to the size and seniority of the company) and their profile (an indicative, majority or dominant type). Innovative companies, and in particular startups, are prime targets.


  • web giants (GAFA) or other major web players (50% developers - technical profile)
  • online application providers (50% developers - "Full Stack" profile)
  • open Source (70% developers - technical profile)
  • traditional (30% developers - generalist profile)


  • Startups (50% developers - "Full Stack" profile)


  • development firms (80% developers - "Full Stack" profile)
  • consulting firms (20% developers - expert profile or profession)

Large companies 

  • digital service companies (50% developers - various profiles)
  • large companies, public sector (5% developers - business profile)


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