Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Software engineering of distributed systems

Course director

Antoine Beugnard

The 21st century is the one of the most widely distributed. Computations are distributed between different machines and collaborate to make an overall calculation. The data used by these calculations are hosted by storage elements that can be physically remote. Designing and developing applications with distributed computation and data is therefore crucial for future engineers.
Developing such applications requires the engineer to master theoretical and practical methods and tools to ensure the application runs smoothly. Maintaining or using them also requires an understanding of the concepts and algorithms underlying the technical and technological platforms and architectures used. The conceptual, technical and technological mastery of these applications and the engineering methods used to develop them is therefore a key element of competitiveness for future engineers.

Software engineering of distributed systems

Opportunities and possible careers

  • R&D engineer in the development of distributed applications
  • software architect
  • consultants in distributed application development
  • project manager in the development of distributed applications

Target companies

All companies and sectors involved in developing distributed applications are potential targets:

  • service providers such as Google or Orange,
  • digital service companies,
  • research and development centres,
  • network operators,
  • high value-added SMEs,
  • administration,
  • industry of the future, etc.

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