Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Collaborative and multi-site software development

Course director

Fabien Dagnat et Théo Le Clavar

Software has become a consumer product on which much of human activity depends. It must be supplied quickly, in large quantities, and respect quality and safety constraints. It is more and more the result of a shared production process, using so-called agile methods and an open development model, which is booming throughout the computer industry.

Software development engineers must master not only technical software development skills, but also strategic and organizational skills. They must decide which elements to produce, how to produce them, how to organize development, how to market the software (system or service), understand the rights governing the reuse of various components, as well as organizing and managing collaboration.

This original theme prepares engineers who will be comfortable mastering open software projects. This theme will provide students with fundamental methods and tools, both in theory and in practice. Students will thus be able to actively participate in software development by taking a critical look at its reliability and by integrating strategic, legal and commercial dimensions.

Collaborative and multi-site software development

Opportunities and possible careers

Employment opportunities concern both software project management and project management assistance. Opportunities are possible in all sectors due to the ongoing digitisation of activities.

Companies of all sizes can be specialized in software development (publishers such as Microsoft, RedHat or Bull, service providers such as Google or Orange, digital service companies like Atos ou SopraSteria) or may need software for their business (banking, energy, healthcare, online marketplace, etc.).

Software startups are common as initial investment is often limited, which encourages the creation of innovative companies.


Brest / Nantes Campus