Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Data Science: from data to decision maker

Course director

Laurent Brisson


Cécile Bothorel

Data Science is now at the heart of many companies' strategies. Data Scientists are no longer isolated engineers who handle databases, they are now at the interface of the various components of any modern company. Passionate about business strategy, and involved in company decision-making processes, data scientists interact at all levels of business (management, IT, marketing, sales, R&D, etc.) and set up processes ranging from data management to knowledge extraction.

Thanks to multidisciplinary training (mathematics, computer science and business acumen), our data science students will master the methods and tools for data collection, storage, and analysis, in both classical and Big Data environments. Learners will produce dashboards to render knowledge for decision-makers' business needs, and will develop skills in technical popularization; they will know how to study an application's eco-system or identify optimisation issues, and will be able to offer technically and/or strategically innovative data processing chains.

Thanks to a project-oriented and team-based approach, students will learn the importance of communication between the various players in a company. They will adopt both the role of a decision-maker formulating business issues, and the role of the Big Data engineer using Spark or other key tools. They will be able to identify a need and the corresponding relevant data, evaluate the results of Machine Learning algorithms, and popularize these results in the form of a short pitch. They will manipulate real data and work with industrial partners.

Data Science: from data to decision maker

Opportunities and possible careers

The data scientist profile is very much in demand, and company demand is high while training opportunities remain limited. There are employment opportunities in most business sectors:

  • banking and insurance,
  • distribution, healthcare,
  • web  operators and other stakeholders, etc. 

Our current graduates reflect a wide range of professions, working in Business Intelligence and/or Big Data consulting, as Data Scientists in large companies or Chief Data Officers in start-ups.


Today, new professions are emerging such as:

  • Data Protection Officer or Master Data Manager,
  • Data Scientist (focus on algorithmics and data mining),
  • Big Data and Cloud Engineer (focus on IT infrastructures),
  • Data and Analytics Engineer (focus on indicator production and visualization).

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