Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Performance and risk management of complex industrial systems

Course director

Guillaume Massonnet

Whether industrial or service-oriented, companies are faced  with a variety of constraints: ever-increasing fluctuation in their markets, increased competition due to surging globalization, an ever-increasing range of environmental and human contexts, and an ever greater need to prepare for risks, all of which combine to drive constant innovation. Managing performance and risks is one of the major challenges organizations must face in order to ensure sustainability. In this increasingly uncertain and changing context, the engineers of tomorrow will have to understand and master the relevant techniques and tools, while at the same time taking into account inherent socio-organizational perspectives. They will need to be able to anticipate risks and prepare how to manage them in order to support companies in these challenges.

At the dawn of the digital transition for industrial goods or service systems (factory of the future, industry 4.0), MPR engineers will be fully involved as a driving force for change. Indeed, within companies, engineers will have to be able to identify, evaluate and continuously utilize the levers for improving performance and managing risks, whether during the life cycle of the product or service offered, or in their own organization. In this way, engineers will support companies in these future transitions in order to ensure their sustainability and competitiveness.

With the "Performance and Risk Management of Complex Industrial Systems" theme, our future engineers will develop the knowledge and skills required to support companies in a responsible manner throughout their development and evolution, whether the changes be major or minor (and particularly for digital transformation). Through their understanding of the company's strategic and organizational issues, they will become key players every stage in the decision-making process.

Performance and risk management of complex industrial systems

Opportunities and possible careers

  • QHSE engineer
  • Industrial Performance Engineer
  • Operating Safety Engineer (RAMS)
  • Organizational Engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Auditor
  • Process & methods manager
  • Project manager 

Target companies

All organizations that produce goods and services face the same challenges, and could all be interested by engineers with this profile. Examples include the following sectors:

  • banking
  • public services (hospitals, etc.)
  • consulting
  • energy (including nuclear)
  • automotive and railways
  • aeronautics, space and naval
  • agri-food industry
  • luxury

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