Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Digital Transformation and Transition

Course director

Virginie Lethiais


Myriam le Goff

In a context of technological and digital innovation, the TNT theme deals on the one hand with the interaction of companies with their markets and on the other hand with internal change that can improve efficiency.

The digitization of information is constantly transforming processes, structures and relationships within companies and organisations, as well as the way they interact with external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, local authorities, etc.). The engineer-managers who master the tools, provided by the IS, used to acquire, handle, and utilize information will thus be key players in any 21st century company. Using the skills acquired here at IMT, they will help companies and their projects adapt to ever-changing internal and external challenges. In these two contexts, the course will focus on:

  • stakeholder behaviour (internal and external),
  • new business models, new consumer patterns and new customer relations,
  • alignment of the organization with the company's strategy, and in particular the contribution of an Information System well-suited to the organization.
Digitalisation, innovation et changement

IMT Atlantique hosts a blog on digital transformation which can be found at the following link:

IMT Atlantique engineers who study this theme will be a force for change in their future companies and their markets, both of which will have to face digital transformations.

Disciplines at the heart of the theme

SHS (economics, strategy/management, marketing, data collection, digital law, sociology), IT, statistics

Opportunities and possible careers

  • Consulting and strategy-based professions (digital and otherwise) (benchmarks, feasibility studies & business plans, master plans & road maps), examples: Consultant, Analyst, Digital manager, Chief digital manager
  • Management professions (calls for tender, AMOA & deployment, Change management, Enterprise architecture (IT urbanization)), examples: IT consulting, IT project management, business engineering, project management assistance
  • Professions linked to optimisation and progress (Audit, Process Implementation and industrialisation, Definition and monitoring of steering indicators, etc.).

Target companies

  • consulting firms
  • major national and international groups
  • SMEs and start-ups in ICT and data analysis
  • creation of digital companies

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