Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Nuclear Engineering (A)

Course director

Julie Champion


Nicolas Thiollière

By following the Nuclear Engineering (A) theme - Development and Management of Nuclear Facilities (DEMIN - A), students will develop skills essential to the nuclear energy industry and other nuclear applications, be they industrial, medical or digital. Thanks to this generic theme, it is possible to build up rich profiles when complemented by a theme in the digital, energy or health fields.

Engineers who follow this theme will have a good understanding of the new needs of the nuclear industry and will be able to contribute to innovative solutions.They will become actors of change in future energy, environmental and digital transitions.

taf ingénierie nucléaire


Opportunities and possible careers

  • consultant in the energy field,
  • energy trading
  • business engineer
  • management of Megaprojects in the energy field
  • radiation protection engineer,
  • instrumentation engineer,
  • nuclear control engineer,
  • modeling engineer,
  • digital simulations applied to the nuclear field
  • Nuclear medicine product manager.

Target companies

  • the energy sector,
  • nuclear consulting or engineering,
  • industrial and/or commercial public establishments,
  • the medical sector.


Nantes Campus