Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Nuclear Engineering (B)

Course director

Julie Champion

By following the Nuclear Engineering (B) - Development and Management of Nuclear Facilities  (DEMIN - B) theme (prerequisite: Nuclear Engineering A), our engineering students will develop the necessary skills to design, develop, implement and operate in the constantly evolving nuclear sector, and thus contribute directly to energy and environmental transformation. This theme also aims to train responsible engineers, capable of assessing risks, developing and building solutions and, more generally, establishing strategies to make appropriate decisions while being aware of the many associated issues.

Engineers who follow this theme will be agents of change in future energy and environmental transitions.

Nuclear engineering

Opportunities and possible careers

  • consultant in the energy field,
  • energy project management,
  • radiation protection engineer,
  • instrumentation engineer,
  • engineer in the development and maintenance of scientific software,
  • control engineer, operations engineer,
  • HSE engineer,
  • training engineer,
  • maintenance engineer,
  • safety engineer,
  • reactor physics/neutronics engineer,
  • thermohydraulic engineer,
  • dismantling engineer,
  • radioecology, environment, or waste management engineer,
  • researcher (ranging from fundamental to applied).

Target companies

  • energy sector,
  • nuclear consulting or engineering,
  • industrial and/or commercial public establishments,
  • medical sector

 Nantes Campus