Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Internet of Objects and Industry 4.0

Course director

Laurent Toutain


Xavier Lagrange

Predictive maintenance of vehicles, optimization of manufacturing processes, and improved traffic flows in cities are just some of the applications of the Internet of Things. According to MacKinsey, the Internet of Things could impact 11% of the world economy by 2025. It is therefore at the heart of society's digital transformation. It is estimated that 25 billion objects will be connected by 2020.
In the "Internet of Objects and Industry 4.0" theme, students will learn about the potential, the challenges, and the constraints imposed by networking equipment with very different characteristics and applications. It is aimed both at network engineers, who will have to deploy infrastructures in different environments (5G, industrial and urban networks), and at engineers in other disciplines who will have to integrate the networks into their businesses (energy specialists, intelligent transport, etc.).

Opportunities and possible careers

  • chief IoT officer
  • network and services architect
  • research and development of new protocols and architectures
  • consulting
  • design and development engineer.

Target companies

  • telecoms operators
  • public utility companies (energy, transport, logistics, etc.)
  • local authorities (smart cities)
  • companies in the health, home automation, and distribution sectors
  • equipment manufacturers (telecoms, automotive industry, energy, etc.)
  • consulting firms and design offices
  • regulatory bodies

Internet of Objects and Industry 4.0

Rennes Campus