Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

How can I become an IMT Atlantique student?

IMT Atlantique offers a high-level training programme tailored to your needs, where engineering students, regardless of their initial profile, projects or expectations, are oriented toward a wide range of engineering professions aimed at the international market.

Are you at university?

If you have graduated with a Bachelor or first-year Master of Science, you may be able to join the IMT Atlantique programme based on your qualifications, entering in first or second year, depending on your university degree.

Students are selected on the basis of their application and tests in science and French.

Students currently enrolled in a university abroad must follow the same procedure, unless there is a special admissions agreement between IMT Atlantique and their university.

Qualifications-based entrance in first year:
French and foreign students who hold a Bachelor's degree or a university qualification deemed to be equivalent in the following disciplines may be admitted :

  • maths
  • physics
  • electronics-electricity-automation
  • information technology
  • engineering sciences
  • mechanics, civil engineering

Number of places offered: 25

 Applications for the 2018 intake have closed.

Qualifications-based entrance in second year:
French and foreign students who hold a first-year master's degree or a university qualification deemed to be equivalent in the following disciplines may be admitted: maths, physics, electronics-electricity-automation, information technology, engineering sciences, mechanics, civil engineering.

Number of places offered: 20 students

 Applications for the 2018 intake have closed

Do you have any questions? contact IMT Atlantique:

Are you in preparatory class?

After two years of preparatory classes you can begin the first year of the IMT Atlantique engineering course via the" Mines-Ponts" competitive entry exam, for a three-year programme.

Requirement: Preparatory classes for the "Grandes Ecoles competitive exams "(CPGE).

  • Maths and physics (MP) with two options: engineering sciences and information technology
  • Physics and chemistry (PC)
  • Physics and engineering sciences (PSI)
  • Physics and technology (PT) - via the Centrale-Supélec competitive exam
  • Technology and industrial sciences (TSI) - via the Centrale-Supélec competitive exam

Entry through the Mines-Ponts competitive exam is common to nine schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom and its partners. Having passed the exam, depending on results, applicants may be accepted into IMT Atlantique or the joint programme with Sophia Antipolis. 

Entrance process : Mines-Ponts competitive exam website (2018 enrollment information)
 Number of places offered at IMT Atlantique:


IMT Atlantique

 Brest, Nantes, Rennes programme

IMT Atlantique

 Sophia Antipolis* programme

Maths and physics (MP) 85 3
Physics et chemistry (PC) 57 3
Physics and engineering sciences (PSI) 63 3
Physics and technology (PT) 3 1
Technology and industrial sciences   (TSI) 3  
Total 211 10

*Students who choose the Sophia Antipolis programme will transfer to the EURECOM campus for their second and third years.