Fees and scholarships - MSc in SAfe and REliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA)

Fees and scholarships

Erasmus Mundus scholarship

The SARENA programme intends to offers approximatively 21 scholarships per intake (i.e., 2024-25, 2025-26) paid by the Erasmus Mundus programme for students from Programme Countries and Partner Countries, in the form of both usual Erasmus Mundus Scholarships as well as NDICI scholarships (Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument) which are specifically aimed at helping applicants from developing countries.

  • Programme Countries: Member States of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.
  • Partner Countries: all other countries.


This scholarship is expected to be granted as a 100% tuition fee waiver as well as a monthly stipend of up to 1,400 EUR for the entire duration of the programme (24 months).

If you wish to apply for the Erasmus Mundus SARENA scholarship, please choose the right application section specifically dedicated for this purpose on our application platform. The selection process will be based on the elements provided during application, as well as include a potential interview phase -essentially on basic knowledge and motivation for the programme.
Please note that for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship selection to proceed in a fair and equal manner, the jury will have to evaluate all applications prior to confirming pre-selection for a potential short-form interview. Therefore, Erasmus Mundus SARENA scholarship applications will only receive pre-selection results after the end of the application phase.


Other scholarships

If you are not chosen as a recipient of one of our Erasmus Mundus scholarships, there are other ways to fund your studies:


Participation costs

SARENA Erasmus Mundus scholarschip beneficiaries will receive a 100% tuition fee waiver. Moreover, they shall receive a monthly stipend of 1 400 EUR for the entire duration of the programme (24 months).


  Students from
Programme Countries
Students from
Partner Countries
Tuition fee 9,000 EUR (covering  fees for 2 years and health insurance)
-> 100% tuition fee waiver for Erasmus Mundus SARENA scholarship beneficiaries
18,000 EUR (covering fees for 2 years and health insurance)
-> 100% tuition fee waiver for Erasmus Mundus SARENA scholarship beneficiaries
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship stipend 1,400 EUR / month (for 24 months) 1,400 EUR / month (for 24 months)


Participation costs for self-financed/other scholarships applicants:

Participation costs for the tracks have to be paid to the coordinator of programme. These costs include a mandatory health insurance that will cover the student during the entirety of his study track.

  Students from
Programme Countries*
Students from
Partner Countries**
Participation Costs 9,000 EUR  for two years 18,000 EUR for two years


Different levels of tuition fee waivers may be applied depending on applications without scholarships (academic excellency, application just below scholarship threshold, etc.)
- e.g., possibility of a 75% tuition fee waiver



Living expenses

Living costs are difficult to quantify precisely since they also depend on the personal lifestyle.
Therefore the following numbers of the expenses per month (in euros) should only be taken as a guideline.

Accommodation 460 EUR
Food 180 EUR
Local Transport 40 EUR
Other Expenses 170 EUR
Total (per month) 850 EUR



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