Program - MSc Information technology / track Communication system and network engineering

YEAR 1 (M1)

Bridging semester in

from February to July

  • Communication networks basics
  • Mathematical tools
  • Probability theory, statistics &  digital signal processing
  • Computer science fundamentals
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Projects & Workshops
  • French language classes and cultural immersion (6 hours/week)

2nd Sem.

from August to January

  • Network fundamentals
  • Data and software Engineering
  • Introduction to Optical Networks
  • Security and Networks Metrology
  • Engineering Project
  • French language classes (3 hours/week)

YEAR 2 (M2)

1st Sem.

from February to May

  • Digital communications and photonics
  • Transmission System Architecture
  • Wireless Communications
  • Network Engineering
  • Core and access networks
  • Project
  • French language classes (3 hours/week)

2nd Sem.

from June to End Nov.


This semester is spent carrying out a development or research project in an industrial or academic laboratory in France or abroad.

Duration: 4-6 months - Typical stipend: 1,000-1,500 Euros/month

Upon completion of the four semesters, students defend their Master Thesis.