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A 2-year full-time program in Cybersecurity

In an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, Cybersecurity stands as the bastion protecting our digital lives and hyper-connected societies. This Master of Science in Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape: web, networks, and operating systems security, cryptography, risk management, incident response, and emerging threats. It is aimed at future specialists in cybersecurity, covering a wide range of applications and offering a focus on critical infrastructures.

This 2-years program is 100% taught in English with 6-month paid internship in a company or lab.

Are you ready to become a leader in the battle against cyber threats?

Master of Science in Cybersecurity program covers a broad spectrum of essential domains in cybersecurity, ensuring you gain comprehensive expertise in:

  • Systems, Network, and Data Security: Covering the principles, techniques, and tools for securing computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access and threats.

  • Cryptography: The study of secure communication techniques, including encryption and cryptographic protocols.

  • Cyber Defense: Proactive and reactive measures to protect assets and infrastructure from cyber threats.

  • Cybersecurity Management and Integration: Governance, risk management, and integration of cybersecurity practices within organizations.

  • Privacy: Learn about the legal, ethical, and technical aspects of privacy protection in the digital age, including data anonymization, privacy-enhancing technologies, and regulatory compliance.

  • (Advanced topics) Security of Critical Infrastructures: Ensuring the resilience, continuity, and protection of critical infrastructure systems, such as those responsible for energy, transportation, water supply, telecommunications.

  • (Advanced topics) Security Maritime Applications: Addressing cybersecurity challenges and solutions specific to the maritime industry, including the security of ships, ports, and maritime information systems.

Career opportunities with the MSc degree in cyber security

Embark on a dynamic career path with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Equipped with advanced knowledge and skills, graduates of this program are primed for a multitude of exciting roles in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

  • Cybersecurity Architect: Design and implement robust security systems, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and networks against cyber threats.
  • Cyber Incident Responder: Rapidly respond to and mitigate cyber incidents, minimizing damage and restoring normal operations efficiently.
  • Threat Intelligence Specialist: Analyze cyber threats and trends, providing valuable insights to proactively defend against potential attacks.
  • Cybersecurity Auditor: Assess the security posture of organizations, conduct audits, and recommend strategies for compliance with regulations and best practices.
  • Cybersecurity Implementer: Execute security measures and protocols, deploying cutting-edge technologies to safeguard digital assets and infrastructures.
  • Risk Manager: Identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks, developing strategies to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Researcher and Academic: Contribute to the advancement of cybersecurity knowledge through research, and educate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals as an academic or educator.

Moreover, graduates with a passion for in-depth research and innovation may choose to pursue a Ph.D. in Cybersecurity, delving into specialized areas and pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity knowledge.

With a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, the possibilities are many, offering a rewarding career path filled with challenges and opportunities to make a profound impact in safeguarding digital ecosystems.

Research exposure with the department of Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law

The MSc is supported by IMT Atlantique’s research department in Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law.
With over 40 papers each year in international conferences, the department actively participates in the evolution of the digital society. The technological university is also strongly involved in research consortia in the fields of "Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures" and "Cyberdefence of naval systems".

Renzo E. NAVAS, Associate Professor in IoT and Network Security

Renzo E. Navas, associate professorYou can contribute to a safer future

Cybercrime will keep rising: our society needs competent people to prevent and mitigate those attacks. In this MSc, you will acquire solid cybersecurity foundations, apply them in various contexts, and have opportunities to specialize in the topics of your choice. You can contribute to a safer future.

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Courses of the Msc Information Technology, track Cybersecurity, take place on the Rennes campus. Rennes is a dynamic city known for its rich history, thriving tech scene, and vibrant cultural offerings.

IMT Atlantique is one of the top 10 institutions in engineering in France and offers the perfect environment for academic excellence and personal growth. As a leading Technological University, its education, research and innovation activities are recognized internationally : Top 500 in the THE World University Ranking, Top 100 in QS ranking for computer science, etc
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