Program - MSc Nuclear engineering / track advanced nuclear waste management

Key words

#Nuclear Technology



#Waste Management



#Nuclear Safety

Course structure

The Master of Science NE/ANWM starts in September and is divided into 4 semesters:

  • MSc year 1 : 2 academic semester in Nantes campus
  • MSc year 2 : 1 academic semester for specialization in Nantes campus + 6 months Master Thesis in industry or research laboratory.

Scientific and technical modules

  • Physics of Ionizing Radiation
  • Introduction to Nuclear modeling
  • Introduction to Neutron physics
  • Safety and Radioprotection
  • Physico-Chemistry of Environment
  • Introduction to Nuclear Technology
  • Wastes conditioning and storage
  • Dismantlement and Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations
  • Geological disposal

Management modules

  • Nuclear: Management, Safety and Society
  • Energy mix and energetic transition
  • Humanities and social sciences:
    • Project Management
    • Management and organization
    • Sustainability & safety management


  • Company visits
  • Scientific seminars
  • Technical projects
  • Generic methods for Engineers
  • French language & culture
    Professional coaching (Student centred process of reflection on competencies and professional objectives)
  • 6-month MSc thesis in Industry or research lab