Pedagogical innovation

The university is actively involved in diverse forms of pedagogical innovation (MOOCs, serious games, the QPES colloquium on pedagogical issues in Higher Education, etc.).



IMT Atlantique is drawing on its expertise with MOOCs to increase its international influence. The pioneering phase now behind us, several MOOCs are produced every year and deployed on FUN (the French national online education platform), Coursera or edX. English versions are also produced to increase distribution. These MOOCs are also widely used in certified training courses because they develop students’ skills, particularly through peer-to-peer exchanges.

In addition to these measures, the university has also designed a number of teaching tools to stimulate learning by helping students “learn through doing”. This is the case of the Pyrat project, in which students have to design a video game to develop their computer skills; the “build your robot” project concludes the first semester with a competition between student teams; and the Ice-cream "serious game" which illustrates the bullwhip effect as players set up a supply chain.

Another key element of IMT Atlantique’s work is bringing information to the community, through the specialised "innovation pédagogique" pedagogical innovation website, the QPES conference – the next edition of which will be held in La Rochelle in January 2022 – and the MERITE academic and industrial chair, which aims to develop scientific, technical and industrial culture in primary and secondary education.

The Mérite project

Designed for teachers in both primary and secondary education, the MERITE kits are teaching resources combining science and technology, and which involve a great deal of experimentation by pupils.


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