Cloud Infrastructures and DevOps: executive post-master degree

Mastering the new Cloud infrastructures

an apprenticeship course








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Solutions based on virtualization and Cloud techniques, whether public or private, are transforming the way companies manage the infrastructures that underpin their IT services. The traditional roles of development and operation are coming together around DevOps practices. As a result of these changes, people are starting to work in new ways. The steering of IT projects around agile approaches aims to involve the customer more in development cycles that are becoming shorter and allow for continuous delivery. New challenges related in particular to the security and availability of infrastructures are appearing and must be taken into account in order to develop viable solutions and infrastructures.

The post-master professional certificate Cloud Infrastructures and DevOps aims to develop skills in these fields and to train specialists mastering new Cloud infrastructures. Teaching around the new Web development frameworks in a context of change in the corporate IS will allow the practical application of these techniques with consideration of three recent major evolutions: Cloud, DevOps, and agile approaches.

Targeted competencies

  • Managing and implementing the transition to Cloud solutions by imagining the constraints of existing IT infrastructures;
  • Explaining the trade-offs between the different architectures (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS);
  • Designing IS security in the Cloud context, data management and possibly sovereignty, and ensuring the quality of Cloud service through testing and monitoring;
  • Designing project management to ensure that objectives and deadlines are met;
  • Designing an IS architecture by integrating Cloud Computing solutions.


What is special about this program?

  • A professional training course with a 600-hour in-company assignment;
  • Part-time, compatible with professional activity;
  • A work-linked program to make it easier to transition to professional life.