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    CGE mastère spécialisé Label SecNumEdu

Become skilled Cybersecurity expert

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Course directors:
CentraleSupélec : Frédéric TRONEL et Valérie VIET TRIEM TONG
IMT Atlantique : Hélène LE BOUDER et Romaric LUDINARD


This post-master degree is codelivered by CentraleSupelec and IMT Atlantique. As a consequence, students of this degree obtain a double degree and benefit from the features of both universities: internship offers, alumni associations, job forum...


The Post-Master degree in Cybersecurity is offered at the Rennes campus of IMT Atlantique and CentraleSupélec, by lecturers from the "Network Systems, Cyber Security and Digital Law" (SRCD) department of IMT Atlantique and from "Confidentiality, Integrity, Disponibilité, Repartition" (CIDRE) team from CentraleSupelec. Lectures are given in French.


In addition to lecturers from these both prestigious universities, a large part of lecture or teached by technical experts from various companies. These experts share their experience and techniques with students of the post-master degree in cybersecurity. These partners are also involved in the definition and continuous improvement of the global program quality, allowing to train highly skilled experts in cybersecurity in all its various dimensions.


The course lasts 13 month, including a professional thesis during 5 months. The goal is to develop skills related to the conception, deployment, exploitation of Information systems in a secure way. In addition, students are also train to continously improve the security of an Information System and to react to security breachs.

This post-master degree is placed first in the "telecoms, networks and systems security" category of the Eduniversal (SMBG) ranking since the creation of this ranking. In addition, this degree is labellized SecNumEdu by the French information system security agency.

For any question on the application process, feel free to contact

Magali Bador-Grenie
Responsable programmes Mastère Spécialisé® - CentraleSupélec Exed

+33 (0)1 75 31 64 05



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