Program - Cybersecurity - post-master degree


September to February: classes and projects

Design and security validation methodologies (75 hrs of classes and 30 hrs of tutorials)

  • Fundamental principles
  • Risk analysis
  • Security policy models
  • Organisation and auditing of security within the company
  • Evaluation using common criteria
  • Availability and security of operations

Cryptography (25 hrs of classes and 50 hrs of tutorials)

  • Cryptography
  • Cryptography engineering - cryptosystems
  • Formal methods for cryptographic protocols

Implementation of security, supervision, auditing (90 hrs of classes: and 80 hrs of tutorials)

  • Security of networks and services
  • Security of operating systems
  • Database security
  • Design of security architecture
  • Security supervision
  • Technical audit and analysis
  • Integrating security in application architectures
  • Virus protection

IT and networks (40 hrs of classes and 50 hrs of tutorials)

  • Networks
  • IT Systems
  • Software engineering

Projects (130hrs)

  • Risk analysis
  • Evaluation practices
  • Industrial or research project

March to September: in-company internship (minimum four months) and professional thesis