Testimonial - Cybersecurity - post-master degree

Alumni Testimonial

bruno-abadie.jpgBruno Abadi (Class of 2013) - currently Information Security Engineer at Rockwell Collins France

The strength of the Master of Cyber-security is in the way it leads you in the space of a few months to adopt a culture of information security on both a technical and organisational level. Another of its greatest strengths is its proximity to the Rennes industry hub which is on the cutting edge of information security issues.

Picking up studies again was a challenge which, like any change, involved a certain level of stress, but this was more than made up for by the many quality people I met, the team of teaching staff and the support from other master's students.

Taking this course was a realistic commitment for me in terms of time and I received financial support through the Fongecif (a funding organisation for  in-service professional training) which put a limit on loss of revenue and funded part of the cost of training. Following this course, I returned to my company where, thanks to my degree, I was rapidly able to integrate the department responsible for cyber-security and work on the equipment and systems we are developing.
I am still in contact with a number of fellow students from the MSc even though we are separated geographically.
My motto is: "Stimulate change and exchange with positivity".