Digital Platform, Mobility and Business Engineering - Post-master degree

CGE mastère spécialisé

Combining platforms, mobility and business

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As a new way of creating value and boosting the economy, digital platforms and data flow control are an increasingly strong entry point for 21st century companies. IMT Atlantique is recognized for having the know-how to teach you the scientific and technological skills you need in these areas.

This new post-master professional certificate program, Engineering of Digital Platforms, Mobility and Business (IPNumA), draws on the solid expertise developed within our school to tackle the complex issue of "platforms" from a dual perspective of technology and business models. Graduates of this program will gain the background they need to play a major role in the digital transformation of industry, society or business management.

The multi-dimensional approach of this new program will enable graduates to meet the emerging needs of companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals. Our graudates will become high-level specialist executives who will then be able to inteface with the business experts of companies on technical issues. The scientific and technical concepts are very precisely articulated with the new emerging business models:

  • The development of scientific and technical expertise on the implementation and operation of platforms is an indispensable building block. A good understanding of the founding concepts of networks (including mobile networks), cloud development, encryption mechanisms, and processing of large data flows will ensure the legitimacy of our graduates in companies;
  • The second pillar of the program focuses on understanding the specific economic aspects and identifying the value creation processes in the manipulation of data by platforms. This requires a good command of regulatory mechanisms.


Students will be able to orient their careers according to the orientations given to their academic projects and work placement towards the intended jobs: platform manager/platform engineer, mobile network engineer, business engineer, consultant, etc.

Benefits of studying at IMT Atlantique

  • The program involves a competency-based approach.
  • Numerous scientific and industrial partners. In particular, this new program is supported by IEP Rennes, Nokia, Capgemini, Liksi and Orange.
  • The program is carried out on the Rennes campus of IMT Atlantique by professors from the Department of Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law (SRCD) and by professionals who are in direct contact with the current contexts of the targeted professions.
  • Students benefit from the school's assets: internship proposals, alumni associations, job forum, etc. They also benefit from the proximity of international research centres located in the Rennes-Atalante technology park.

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Thibault DE SWARTE

Pedagogical Program Co-Leader, Management Sciences

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Pedagogical Co-Leader of the programme, Engineering Sciences

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