Published on 11.03.2023
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Intervention by Florent Castagnino

Published on 06.03.2022
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As medicine and genetics make increasing use of data science and AI, the question of how to protect this sensitive information is becoming increasingly important to all those involved in health. A team from the LaTIM laboratory is working on these issues, with solutions such as encryption and watermarking.

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Our increasingly digital and interconnected societies inevitably result in a heightened risk of major cyber crises, be it from steady, non-destructive attacks or from systemic contamination.

Published on 05.06.2020
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Marc-Oliver Pahl, Research Director in the Department of Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law on IMT Atlantique's Rennes campus, is taking over as head of the Cyber CNI Chaire (French research consortium).

Published on 03.08.2019
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In preparation for 2019 academic year, IMT Atlantique is recruiting teacher-researchers for its Brest and Nantes campuses. 12 positions are open in different fields: environment and digital, energy and digital, cyber security, artificial intelligence, energy and environment.
Deadline for applications is 31 March.

Published on 04.20.2018
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Professor Pierre Cointe, scientific director of the Atlanstic 2020 regional programme and lecturer at IMT Atlantique, has initiated a partnership agreement with the new Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) in Quebec. The agreement concerns the development of joint actions in the area of data science, optimisation and artificial intelligence.

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Launched in January 2016 as part of the Cluster of Cyber Excellence initiative, IMT's Cyber Security Chair contributes to the development  of research and education activities in a field which is today a national priority: the cyber security of critical infrastructures (energy networks, industrial processes, water production plants, financial systems...).