Published on 04.17.2023
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The Cerebro research project aims to provide very detailed and comprehensive images of the brain's electrical activity, thanks to a non-invasive process based on injecting a new contrast agent.

Published on 08.23.2022
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Ai4R, a start-up created by a graduate of IMT Atlantique, has developed an autoradiography process for which it markets a range of high-performance machines. With a strong focus on research, it has received support from the IMT Atlantique incubator and recently from the France Relance plan.

Published on 06.03.2022
Type : Article

As medicine and genetics make increasing use of data science and AI, the question of how to protect this sensitive information is becoming increasingly important to all those involved in health. A team from the LaTIM laboratory is working on these issues, with solutions such as encryption and watermarking.

Published on 01.11.2022
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In conjunction with the GIS BeAChild, the AI-4-Child team is using artificial intelligence to analyze images related to cerebral palsy in children. This could lead to better diagnoses, innovative therapies and progress in patient rehabilitation. But also a real breakthrough in medical imaging.

Published on 02.14.2020
Type : Article

The "OceaniX Physics-Informed AI for Observation-driven Ocean AnalytiX" and "AI-4-CHILD AI for paedriatric neurorehabilitation" programs supported by IMT Atlantique are among the 40 programs selected recently by the French National Research Agency (CNRS) to be "Research and teaching chaires (French research consortia) in artificial intelligence."

Published on 04.20.2018
Type : Article

The development of a new mode of medical imagery by IMT Atlantique (SUBATECH joint research lab 6457 - IMTAtlantique - French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)/IN2P3-University of Nantes) in partnership with Air Liquide should open up new horizons in the area of personalised medical and therapeutic care in oncology.

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LATIM is a joint research laboratory (UMR1101) of Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), the University of West Brittany (UBO) and IMT Atlan