Published on 04.09.2020
Type : Article

The Department of Energy Systems and Environment (DSEE) at IMT Atlantique is contributing its expertise as part of the French scientific consortium aiming to find a solution for recycling used masks.

Published on 11.18.2019
Type : Article

Aurélie JoubertFor the past twenty years, industry sectors across the board have been producing a wide range of nanomaterials. They have developed rapidly and with little in the way of regulation.

Published on 03.08.2019
Type : Article

In preparation for 2019 academic year, IMT Atlantique is recruiting teacher-researchers for its Brest and Nantes campuses. 12 positions are open in different fields: environment and digital, energy and digital, cyber security, artificial intelligence, energy and environment.
Deadline for applications is 31 March.