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AUFRANDE is a highly ambitious 15.6M€ interdisciplinary doctoral training program linking France and Australia through 64 unique doctoral training positions. Led by RMIT Europe with participation of 22 French and 15 Australian academic partners and supported by over 40 non-academic partners

Published on 03.24.2022
Type : Article

The KIMI platform for "Knowledge sharing in Medical Imaging" is a tool for monitoring professional training in gastroenterology. Organized around endoscopic images, it allows remote collaboration in real time between learners and specialists, with advanced ergonomics.

Published on 01.04.2022
Type : Article

Starting next fall, Ecolog, an initiative that brings together experts from all over France, aims to provide, via open source, a set of educational resources (syllabus, modules, MooC, tools, etc.) dedicated to "responsible" digital technology, for engineers of all profiles.