Published on 01.31.2024
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They are wonderful ambassadors for female engineering students, for women scientists, for nuclear engineering... and - it goes without saying - for IMT Atlantique. Sophia Alleau and Giovanna Rezende are among the 100 young women worldwide selected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to receive a Marie Sklodowska-Curie scholarship.

Type : Projet de recherche

AUFRANDE is a highly ambitious 15.6M€ interdisciplinary doctoral training program linking France and Australia through 64 unique doctoral training positions. Led by RMIT Europe with participation of 22 French and 15 Australian academic partners and supported by over 40 non-academic partners

Published on 12.09.2020
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As a further demonstration of its commitment to society and its desire to promote diversity and prevent discrimination, on 18 September 2020 IMT Atlantique signed the Charter of Commitment of l'Autre Cercle, a French association that strives for inclusive workplaces from an LGBT+ perspective.