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Deputy Site Manager for TECHNIP Ghana
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It creates a very healthy academic competition among the students as each one feels like a representative for his/her country

Having completed my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering in Ghana and worked for some time in the oil and gas industry, I decided to follow a career path in project management with focus in energy engineering. Therefore, in my quest to pursue a graduate studies, I found IMT Atlantique to have the program with course structure that perfectly satisfy my need. Thanks to my sponsors, Technip and French Embassy Ghana, who provided me with the necessary assistances to realize my graduate studies dream, I studied Project management for Energy and Environmental Engineering (PM3E) on Nantes campus. 

The uniqueness of the PM3E is that it does not only focus on the management aspect, but rather gives one equal measure of knowledge and capacity development in its three main areas of focus: Project Management, Energy engineering and environmental engineering. In addition to that, it also provides the preparatory ground for its students to fit well even in a culturally diverse company or organization. This is because the PM3E class is made up of different nationals across the globe, hence offering the opportunity to learn from each other’s culture and be able to work together as well. Aside that, it creates a very healthy academic competition among the students as each one feels like a representative for his/her country, hence, encouraging students to be smart in class. 

Finally, with all the practical knowledge acquired from the PM3E program, I personally like the fact that the course places a great demand on students to employ critical and creative thinking skills in solving problems. 

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