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MSc in Nuclear Engineering
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I was able to comprehend the French nuclear network and make a lot of contacts for my future professional life

It all starts somewhere. You pack your suitcase, you say goodbye, you forget at least 3 things that are important, and you get on a plane... to fly away from what you have known as home your whole life.

I came from Argentina to France in September, but everything had already been perfectly organized two months before my arrival:

  • I received all the required documents by e-mail and I was provided with the program schedule in advance.

  • The International Graduate School arranged accommodation for me so I did not need to worry about a place to live.

  • I was assigned a mentor who picked me up from the train station and showed me my residence.

Can you imagine a better start?

I never seized how fast time flew by either. Nowadays, France is what I call my second home. The friends that I have made in this opportunity are the best, they changed me into what I am now, and they helped me to achieve all my goals. I have become a lot more open to new things and this big world. This experience changed my view on life.

During my stay I got the opportunity to be part of the volleyball team where I did a lot of friends, on the court and off the court; this helped me to improve my French much more than what I had expected.

Moreover I have the special occasion to meet the minister of economy from France in a lunch organized by the school! 

From the academic perspective, I really liked all the exciting lectures and the technical visits that we did. I was able to comprehend the French nuclear network and make a lot of contacts for my future professional life. Moreover this Master and the internship at EDF have given me the technical understanding to decide exactly what I want to do in my professional life.

Today I choose to work in my country in projects of nuclear engineering development and as a guest lecturer in a nuclear engineering University but in my heart I kept the idea to maybe one day come back to work in the nuclear field in France. 

It is safe to say that for me decide to do this Master in Nuclear Engineering was a huge success.... I have had a great experience, and I am looking forward to what comes next. More fun filled times, more excitement, and more challenges. BRING IT ON!

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