Chen Qi
Double-degree student

"The Master program in Nuclear Engineering gave me a more comprehensive overall understanding of the nuclear industry"

When the Master defense ended and I began to write my academic summary, I realized that the two-year exchange life in France was over. From the beginning of the preparation of the application materials to the busy study life in France, everything seems to have happened in the past few days.

Before I set off, I never thought that I would have gained so much in the past two years, whether it was part of academic knowledge or personality. I became a more outgoing and energetic person experiencing a language and a living environment very different of what I have been used to. I’m not a shy student anymore, now I can ask questions fearless and debate on some topics.

In France, courses have more creative discussions and group projects than in China. You are no longer making progress alone, but as a member of the group, developing together in discussions about finding problems and solving problems. At the same time, there are more opportunities to create divergent thinking on your own, so that you can truly look at new topics from the perspective of engineers in practice.

The Master program in Nuclear Engineering gave me a more comprehensive overall understanding of the nuclear industry. The course focuses on the development of the entire nuclear industry, from the previous technology to the current use and the direction of future technological development. In the class, the students come from different countries. The course is also mixed with the introduction of each student’s national science and technology, which broadens horizons and technological development adapted to local conditions.

The program included two internships. My short internship was completed at CPPM (Centre de physique des particules de Marseille) where I studied the simulation of the new detector germanium for 3 months. Then, I completed the end-of-study internship at CEA Marcoule. The topic was about new technique of decontamination Cs in the Vermiculite. These internships have given me the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge and apply the theory I have learnt.

In France for two years, I lived in three different cities, rushing to make new friends, and then say goodbye, but never say goodbye, no one knows, maybe somewhere in the world someday I will meet everyone again. Although I have graduated, I will always remember this time at IMT Atlantique.

Finally, thanks a lot, my friend, my teacher, and all the people who helped me, but especially thanks to France.

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