Picture of Robert Borzychowski, Nantes campus alumni
Project Manager for Enercon Canada Inc

It was an incredible experience in intercultural interaction

The ME3 program was a transformative period of my life.  The program was made up of 33 students coming from all inhabited continents, with 16 nationalities present.  It was an incredible experience in intercultural interaction; as we worked together through our differences towards a common goal, we also took time to understand where each other was coming from and learn about these differences.  We had three very different experiences in each country, each presenting a wealth of information and learning experiences.  

Nantes in particular was a wonderful place to live, and a city I would definitely want to live in.  I was commuting from downtown to the school on a daily basis by bicycle, and often enjoying the beautiful nature and trails along the Loire and the Erdre rivers.  There were so many things to do in Nantes, from the amazing restaurants (including the best school cafeteria of my life) , the Machines de l'île, and the countless historic sites. The city even inspired me to run the Nantes Marathon, when I had never done more than 10km before arriving to Nantes.  

I had an amazing time there and would recommend it to everyone !

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