Annual report 2018 : a turning point

2018 was a particularly important year for IMT Atlantique: first recruitment with an increase of 100 students from the Mines Ponts competitive entrance exam, first experience of balancing a split campus, first year of the new programs.


On top of this, research & more specifically european projects, relations with companies or starting up companies, international presence or simply internal process all experienced major evolutions. An intense year at all levels which, although still demanding on the personnel, largely met expectations.

IMT Atlantique has made a significant breakthrough at the global level and strengthened its position on the national scene. In the changing context of higher education, it is positioning itself as a major player in Western France, through several official partnerships with other graduate schools in the region, as well as its convergence with ENSTA Bretagne, within the IMT, of which we are one of the major players.


Published on 15.05.2019

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT