"Choose France Tour": An IMT Atlantique delegation in India

A delegation from IMT Atlantique will be visiting India from 12 to 22 February 2020, as part of the "Choose France Tour" organised by Campus France to present Indian students with the various possibilities for studying in France. It is also an opportunity for IMT Atlantique to meet its partners IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IISC Bangalore, VJTI Mumbai and others, in order to refine its network of partners in one of the most important regions in the world.


Strengthened over the past two years by the signing of research-oriented cooperation agreements* with prestigious Indian institutions, relations between India and IMT Atlantique are booming.

In recent years, French selective higher education has become increasingly attractive to Indian students, due in part to limited accommodation capacity in India. IMT Atlantique already enjoys recognition in India for its expertise in the areas ofartificial intelligence**, cybersecurity and nuclear energy. The school also already makes full use of the mechanisms set up by the two governments to strengthen Franco-Indian cooperation (Cefipra, Raman-Charpak scholarships, etc.).

This expedition aims to offer new opportunities for IMT Atlantique's professors and researchers to develop further collaborations in the Indian higher education landscape. From the development of incoming and outgoing mobility, to the strengthening and structuring of research collaborations, the meetings with partners during this mission will thus aim to identify the levers for the development of framework agreements and to specify the means to implement them (bilateral workshops, double degrees, thesis co-supervision, hosting students for internships, etc.).


Published on 17.02.2020

by Juliette CROZE

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