Data Assimilation and Machine Learning: Skills Shared with the Japanese from RIKEN

A workshop organized by IMT Atlantique and the Japanese research centre RIKEN brought together some 50 young French and Japanese researchers from the two institutions on the Brest campus on 10 and 11 February. The aim was to share knowledge on the use of machine learning methods for meteorology and oceanography.

Riken 2 workshop 2020


RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) is Japan's pre-eminent multidisciplinary research organization. It is a leading international player in the fields of physics, biology, medical research, engineering and computer science. The collaboration agreement with RIKEN, signed in 2019, led to a first seminar at IMT Atlantique and then gave rise to several exchanges: a former postdoc from the School was hired at RIKEN, and a French researcher was also invited.

Environmental data processing

In February 2020, a new workshop brought together about fifty Japanese and French researchers around the use of machine learning methods for meteorology and oceanography. New needs for different skills in data processing have arisen at RIKEN, whose physicists have turned to IMT Atlantique researchers. During the two days, the floor was given to young researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) from both institutes. The presentations are available online.

This 2nd workshop led to the creation of working groups around several environmental data issues: automatic learning of complex dynamics, error correction in numerical prediction models, and data compression. At the end of their work, the Japanese and French researchers plan to meet again next year, this time in Japan, to discuss these topics.

riken 2 workshop

Published on 02.03.2020

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT

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