FAQ for prospective international students: IMT Atlantique responses to Covid-19 crisis

In the context of the current global pandemic, supporting international students on campus and those hoping to study at IMT Atlantique is among our top priorities. This FAQ aims at answering some key questions and to give an overview of what we are implementing to make our programs accessible next semester.


Current situation at IMT Atlantique

Staff and Faculty are working remotely, except for those providing essential services to students living on campus. Online teaching, tutorials and seminars have been implemented for students.

The President of IMT Atlantique has delivered a message to prospective students about the current situation.

A message from Paul Friedel to prospective international students

Applying to IMT Atlantique

Once admitted

Beginning my program at IMT Atlantique


If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our very best to help you.

You are You are interested in / You have been admitted to Please contact
An exchange student Master of Science in Engineering (Diplôme d'Ingénieur) mob-in@imt-atlantique.fr
International MSc


A free mover


International MSc

MSc IT it-apply@imt-atlantique.fr
MSc MPLP mplp-apply@imt-atlantique.fr
MSc NE ne-apply@imt-atlantique.fr
MSc PBPE pbpe-apply@imt-atlantique.fr

You are an international student interested in / admitted to a program that is not listed above ? Answers may be different for you. Please contact: contact@imt-atlantique.fr

Published on 01.07.2020

by Bérénice BROCHARD

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