Francesco Andriulli awarded a prestigious grant from the European Research Council

After Claude Berrou in 2012, Francesco Andriulli is the second professor at Telecom Bretagne to be awarded a grant as part of the ERC program. He will receive a grant of two million euros over five years which will enable him to develop his work in the field of computational electromagnetism.


Francesco Andriulli

Francesco Andriulli.

Francesco Andriulli is a professor at Telecom Bretagne and has received numerous international awards for his work in the field of computational electromagnetism, including the prestigious Koga Medal in 2014.
He has just distinguished himself again by receiving a “Consolidator” grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC funding scheme is particularly selective in that it funds less than one in every 100 researchers across the European Union. Francesco Andriulli is the second researcher from Telecom Bretagne, after Claude Berrou in 2012, to be distinguished by the European Research Council.

ERC “Consolidator” Grants: for researchers with proven scientific talent and an excellent research proposal

ERC “Consolidator” grants are designed to enable talented researchers to develop their  laboratories and strengthen their research teams of young scientists working on a promising theme.
The CERL (Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory), was founded in 2015 by Francesco Andriulli, will use the grant to develop its research in the field of computational electromagnetism.
This discipline, combining mathematics, computer science and engineering, focuses on predictive models related to electromagnetic phenomena in complex systems.
In particular, the research carried out by Francesco Andriulli, within the framework of the ERC, will focus on reducing the algorithmic complexity of numerical predictions in electromagnetism. This will significantly reduce computing times to make them compatible with real-time devices. Francesco Andriulli is a member of the CNRS Lab-Sticc, UMR 6285 Laboratory (under the -co-supervision of Télécom Bretagne, UBO, UBS, Ensta Bretagne and Enib).

ERC BannerThe results of the research will help develop new generations of MRI at very high resolution for the imaging of the cerebral cortex or the diagnosis of tumours, as well as advanced devices for human-machine interactions.


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Published on 13.12.2016

by Delphine LUCAS