Nano 3D Printers for Industry

An example of the micro-structures produced using a single-beam laser nano printer by the company Multi-Photon Optics, a member of the consortium. The 3-year H2020 project PHENOmenon, launched in January 2018, is developing nano 3D printers capable of producing micro and nano-structures (particularly those with an optical function), while adhering to limited production times. Kevin Heggarty is a researcher at IMT Atlantique, one of the project partners along with three other European research institutes and eight industrial partners, including major groups and SMEs. He offers a closer look at this project and the scientific challenges involved.

Kevin Heggarty: Nano 3D Printers for Industry
Kevin Heggarty: Nano 3D Printers for Industry

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Published on 30.01.2019

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT