THE by subject ranking 2020: IMT Atlantique among the best institutions in the world in engineering and technology, in computer science and in physical sciences

In the Times Higher Education THE 2020 subject ranking, IMT Atlantique ranks among the top 400 universities [Rank 301-400] in engineering and technology out of the 1,008 universities ranked on this theme this year. It also ranks in the top 200 [rank 176-200] in computer science out of the top 749 universities ranked and [251-300] in physical sciences.


THE by subject

"Our presence in this international disciplinary reference list for the 2nd consecutive year strongly contributes to strengthening our position as a Technological University internationally in general and in particular in the areas of excellence we are aiming for," says Anne Beauval, vice-president of IMT Atlantique.

While rankings are not a strategic objective for IMT Atlantique, being ranked at the top is fully in line with the ambition of the School's strategic plan. This gives it greater credibility and legitimacy in the higher education and research landscape in France and abroad. "It is an indisputable and powerful asset to increase the visibility, notoriety and attractiveness of the School, both for the development of its international relations and to attract the best potential students and faculty" says Paul Friedel, president of IMT Atlantique.

Published on 15.10.2019

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT

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